”Alright… S’a party.”
                        o l é.

Conceal, don’t feel. 


Ao no Exorcist Bonus Page Volume 6

{ on the road }


Tilting his head slightly to the side, Rin miraculously went quiet when his partner began to respond to his complaints and was encouraged to remain that way by the offer to use his favorite spot as pillow during their flight. His interests obviously piqued by this, Rin responded by raising a brow; the cogs within his head working, pondering just what Suguro would require in exchange for this rare peace offering.

The answer to this came sooner than the shorter male could formulate his thoughts into questions and a threat Rin found himself instantly yielding to, as was signaled by the pulling of what remained of his shirt down over his stomach. It was obvious that Bon was going easy on him, even Rin was smart enough that he could tell the other was clearly anticipating and sympathetic to the half demon’s anxieties that were particularly directed towards flying.

For once a tender moment might have actually passed between the couple when the half demon responded by stepping forward to latch onto his partner. But Rin knew that was pushing it for Bon, so instead of getting what he was looking for, Rin found his jacket instead flung over his head and his body pushed forward and out the door. His arms flailed and struggled with getting the jacket on the correct way, accompanied by Rin’s apparently blinded as was signaled from his screeching that could make anyone’s ears bleed.

Finally, when Rin could finally see again, he stopped his wailing and hurried himself off to the car before Bon lost his temper for the very first time that day. They hadn’t even left the house yet and Rin was already pushing every last button— Good job, Rin. When the pair arrived at the car, the knight pulled open the door on the passenger’s side and slid himself into the seat.

While he would have enjoyed very much so to be behind the wheel, neither Bon nor Yukio allowed him to drive in either of their presences very often. At least, not after that one time, which sucked for Rin because it wasn’t like he was allowed to not to be with one of them..

—At all times. No exceptions.

The purr of the engine coming to life drew Rin back from his day dreams. However, in spite of this, when the car did not begin to move as one might have expected it to, Rin immediately responded, pulling his seat belt around himself and snapping it into place before looking back at the other for approval. Half a dozen years worth of car rides later and the half demon had been finally trained accordingly to the things that set Suguro off most frequently, seat belts included.

As their car pulled out of the driveway, Rin slumped back in his seat and turned to look out of the window, watching as their place shrank into a single speck and disappeared entirely from his view. He remained like this, uncharacteristically quiet and allowing for his partner to have the run of the radio for once. Bon’s selection played quietly, disrupting the silence between them and sent a silent message to Rin, acknowledging the other was waiting for him to talk about it.

"Everyone.. you think, they’ll all be alright without us, yeah?"

Bon was never really much a stickler for things like seatbelts. He was conscious of them, yes, but would rarely insist they were buckled in before setting the car in motion. That was until that one time, when Rin almost put their heads through the windscreen. Even when the dyspraxic knight wasn’t behind the wheel, one could never be too careful; anything was liable to happen when Okumura Rin, the walking, talking magnet of misfortune, was present.

That one time changed a lot of things, namely the introduction of constant adult supervision of the overgrown manchild that caused the accident in the first place, before he ended up seriously injuring someone. Despite the measure being relatively effective, it was also a hassle and bound to become more and more of an inconvenience as time went on and Ryuuji knew that eventually somebody was going to have to give him driving lessons until he was no long a danger to himself and other road users. But for the time being, Rin could be chaperoned by Bon or his brother.

Hearing the click of Rin’s seatbelt—points for not having to be prompted—Bon pulled out of their driveway, finally making the the first official legs of their trip.

He could tell from the moment they got in the car, by the way Rin sank into his seat and not immediately switching the radio station over to his usualy one that the weight of everything was starting to sink in properly for him; realising what they were leaving behind for a while and the difficulties it would bring with settling in a new and foreign environment. However, there was a bigger picture to take in and the ends would justify the means.

Bon was happy to stay quiet, occasionally glancing through is peripherals at his unusually silent passenger and just waiting for him start speaking when he was ready. His eventual question was unintentionally amusing, Bon’s immediate thought that they would probably be safer more than anything for the next year while they were away, but he decided not to voice that thought, given the demon’s seemingly delicate current state.

"I’m sure they’ll manage," he supplied instead, looking sidelong across his shoulder to see Rin gloomily staring out the window and thinking that the only thing that could possibly making him look more dejected than he already did was if it started raining. "What’s with that face? It’s not like you’ll never see them again. You have to call Yukio on Skype when we get to the first hotel, too." Honestly, he was thankful for things like Skype and FaceTime, not just for himself but for Rin, knowing how attached he was to his brother and how difficult being so far apart for such a prolonged period of time was likely to be for a pair that were usually attached at the hip, not to mention birthdays and a certain anniversary, though they would cross those bridges when they came to them.

The drive to Yukio’s was a short one. He lived nearby in case of emergencies but far away enough that they weren’t constantly pestering each other. Bon gave Rin’s shoulder a quick nudge when he didn’t make a move to get out of the car, following a few steps behind him and fiddling with his set of keys, unhooking their apartment keys to give them to Yukio to mind while they were out of the country. After he handed the keys over, he exchanged a knowing glance with the younger of the two brothers before giving Rin’s shoulder a small squeeze. “I’ll be in the car,” he announced, leaving the two to say goodbye properly, wondering what kind of last minute warnings and reminders Yukio had for Rin.

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{ on the road }


Bullseye~ The familiar deadpan stare of his partner was enough of a reaction for Rin to crack a smile and begin to laugh, rather obnoxiously, at his own line. His amusement with himself took a momentary dive at the other’s sour retort, however, a shrug was all the half demon could manage before Rin found himself being prodded to hurry once again.

The darker haired boy frowned then, childishly sticking his tongue out at Bon and making a rather repulsive looking face at him. He was well aware he needed to get changed. Rin scoffed at the thought of himself at the airport in nothing but a towel. ..Did Suguro really think he was that stupid or something? No way, everyone had to know that Okumura Rin, of all people, could be counted on to wear clothes to the airport— right? Right.

Now that his inner battle had been settled, Rin focused back on whatever Bon had be blabbing at him. Something about.. putting his tail away, he thought. The half demon pursed his lips at this, hating the uncomfortable feeling of having his tail restrained even for short amounts of time. Sweat began to bead on Rin’s brow at the thought of it being confined for the length of even a car ride, let alone the entire plane ride.

OI! Tails were not meant to be restrained, man! I’m n—” was as far a he’d managed before noticing he was alone again. With a dramatic sigh, Rin allowed himself to fall back onto the familiar mattress, instead of doing what he probably should of be doing. His schedule had penciled this time in and to Rin, that was all that mattered then. For a while, he remained still, laying there and taking in all the lingering scents of the place that had been home for him recently.

Unsurprisingly, as Rin time always ran extremely inaccurately, so when Bon was already on his way back up the stairs, Rin was hardly ready to leave with him. Rushing, as he did almost everything, by the time the taller male had returned to the room, Rin had managed to put on most of his clothes save for his shirt with he was scrambling to pull over his tail. A rather unhappy tail it was, at that, and was flying every which way angerily. However, at the arrival of the other, both appendage and demon boy, paused from their battle with each other simultaneously; Rin immediately taking to whining at his partner instead.

"It’s eaaarly, can’t we just go later? We can stay in bed and lie in together for the morning and I’ll make your favorite for breakfast~~”

Ryuuji’s face melted back to one of a mostly blank expression, sans the slight crease along the bridge of his nose and one thin brow pulled into a visible arch; almost challenging and daring Rin to act more childishly than he already was, if at all possible. 

As the older boy was making his way out to load up the car, he could hear muffled complaining coming from somewhere up the stairs, deciding to turn a blind eye for now. It really didn’t take long to get everything in the car but there was still no sign of Rin by the time he’d finished, glancing down at his watch impatiently before heading back in, ready to put the damn clothes on him and drag him out the door if needs be. Thankfully, that wasn’t necessary, breathing a small sigh of relief when he came back to find him almost ready. The whining, however.. Not so fortunate. Was he getting cold feet already? They hadn’t even left the house yet.

"No, we don’t have time, we’ll miss the flight," he answered, trying to keep his voice level—it was too early to start yelling—and free of the irritation that was beginning to give the little twinges that signed the beginning of a headache. "You can sleep on my shoulder on the plane or something, just come on already or there won’t be much time to say goodbye to your brother." A compromise and a light threat that, he hoped, would get the other male in gear and out the door. Manoeuvring Rin was a delicate operation sometimes that took patience and a lot of tactical thinking and just as much bargaining. "You can keep your tail out until we get to the airport and on the plane, just don’t hit anyone with it or anythin’," he conceded, noticing how fidgety and uncomfortable he looked already with it tucked away in the back of his shirt.

As their departure day approached, Bon had been wondering how the two brothers would fare being so far away from each other for such a long time. There was always video calls, but the timezones would take some working out, not taking into account Yukio’s already limited free time. Letting the thoughts slide, he picked up Rin’s jacket and chucked it towards him before scurrying him out the door, walking behind him through the house to stop him if he tried to turn back.

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